Why Us


Why Us

Choosing your IVF and Fertility Clinic.

At Bellingham IVF each and every patient is special to us and you will feel this the first time you come to visit us. Bellingham IVF is Northwest Washington’s only fertility clinic North of the Seattle area. Dr. Branigan has over twenty years of experience with IVF and fertility treatments. His proven success rates have remained steady and high for the last 20 years. Ken, our embryologist has also been working in the IVF lab for over twenty years and has worked side by side with Dr. Branigan for over a decade.

Personalized Fertility

We understand that each patient is different, which means that each cycle is also going to be unique. Our experience with natural IVF, minimal stimulation IVF and customized protocols allows us to create successful treatment options. We also understand that the quality of your fertility care experience affects the outcome of your pregnancy – that’s why we’ve implemented an approach that takes both your physical and emotional well-being into account.

We put the patient first at Bellingham IVF. Each person’s unique protocol is specially designed to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care at the most optimal times for your body. We achieve this through the monitoring of your ovaries.

No Unnecessary Treatments

We genuinely care about our patients and their outcome of wanting a baby. We want that too and work very hard to try to make it happen. Dr. Branigan monitors every patient that comes into our clinic. We also realize that IVF is costly so we only do what is necessary to get the best results possible. This reduces that cost by thousands when compared to other IVF clinics.

Dedicated Team

We are a small clinic so our wait times to see Dr. Branigan are short and total fertility clinic visits are as few as possible. You are only seen by our one doctor, Dr. Branigan, and our one nurse, Cheryl. This differentiates us from most fertility clinics as most large clinics have many doctors, nurses and lab personnel so you’re often treated by a number of different people. One might do your stimulation, another doctor your retrieval and yet another will do the embryo transfer. Not at Bellingham IVF, we only have one doctor and you get his undivided attention throughout your time with us ensuring the best possible treatment plan.

Minimal Stimulation

Minimal Stimulation IVF and natural IVF are more than just protocols, they are a philosophy of fertility care that reflects our commitment to customizing care to each individual and doing what we can to make sure that treatment is as easy on the body as possible.

Customized Treatments

Bellingham IVF is different. Everyone is welcome and we understand that every woman and family is different. We customize each patient’s treatment plan based on their overall evaluation and unique fertility history.

Quality, Not Quantity

So, if you are over 40 and someone has told you your FSH is too high or that you are too old to conceive a child come and see us. The percentage may not be in your favor, but if you are ovulating, we will try… it only takes one good egg.