Using Donor Eggs-Should You?

When It’s Time to Consider Using Donated Eggs !

Yes, you feel young, you feel great…you can get pregnant…no problem…
This all may be true, but…..
What our mind is telling us and what is actually happening are two different things.

While it is true that women over 40 do get pregnant and deliver amazing little ones, they are the lucky few.

For the majority of women, when you turn 35, the odds of getting pregnant start declining at an incredible rate.
Consider that from the teens to early 30’s getting pregnant is greater than 20%! After 35 though….ouch, the rates drops so quickly that it becomes less than 5% chance when you hit 40.  Also, the incidence of an abnormal pregnancy or child increases.

Here is a simple explanation as to why.

All of the eggs that a woman produces after puberty were there before birth, so as you age, so do the eggs inside.

Think of how easy it was to recover from a fall or getting up in the morning when you were 20.  Has it gotten more difficult?  Of course, we all feel the effects of aging.  Unfortunately, our minds and thoughts are forever young, but our body starts to give out on us over time and it’s not just what you see on the outside, our organs age with us as well.  So, it just makes sense that the eggs have aged too.

The aging of the eggs has detrimental effects.  The biggest…you don’t get pregnant.  The age related reasons could be that the shell around the egg (called the Zona) doesn’t break when it needs to, or that the egg runs out of energy to keep dividing.  Then there are the problems that can occur during the division of the cells in the embryo where the DNA doesn’t divide equally and you can end up with embryos that (if they implant) can produce miscarriages, or worse, abnormal babies such as a downs baby.

We all want a happy, healthy baby.  There’s nothing to say that you can’t have one, it’s just after the age of 35 it begins a sharp decline and after 40 the risk is extremely high.

Having your own child is amazing, and there is no harm in trying, if you are willing to take the risk and if you are willing to spend a lot of money to do so then we are happy to help you try.

But….if you have been trying and have no succeeded using your own eggs or don’t wish to take the risk of another miscarriage or disappointment, then donor eggs might be your best shot at having that happy, healthy baby.

So, when is it time to consider donor eggs?     Ultimately it comes down to when you are ready to.

If you are over 40 your chances of getting pregnant with your own eggs is less that 5%, with donor eggs about 70%. So it comes down to how bad you want to have a baby and how much are you willing to spend to get a baby.  How much risk should you take to try to have a healthy baby.

Ultimately the decision is yours.

Contact your local fertility specialist…see what they have to say.  Many fertility specialists have years of training and experience under their belt and can help with this tough decision as to use your own eggs or that of a donor.

If you would like more information on donor eggs, rates, costs, etc…. please feel free to give us a call.  We also encourage you to shop around to find a specialist in fertility that you are comfortable working with…you are not a number, you are someone struggling with a difficult situation so be sure you are informed and aware.


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