For a majority of people, getting pregnant is easy, but for some, not so easy.

When it comes to attempting to get pregnant or issues with becoming pregnant there are a lot of websites on the internet that have tons of information- but how do you determine which ones are informative and helpful versus those that misinform and can sometimes do harm?

Our answer is simple, stop searching for answers on the internet.  There are too many people in the world that swear by techniques or vitamins or special diets, dances, timing, etc., that will get you pregnant because it worked for them.

In their minds it is true, but in reality, it was just their time.  For many people, not getting pregnant after trying for 6 months, it means that they are infertile, when in fact, they aren’t.  For some it may have just been a poor egg that was released that cycle, or the timing was off a little, or their partner had been sick a few months back.  There are many things that can interfer with getting pregnant when trying.  But if they happened to hang upside down for 30 minutes after intercourse and they got pregnant.  Boom….hanging upside down is the answer!  Or if they started taking fertility supplements that cycle and they got pregnant,  BOOM!  It was the supplements!

In truth, if after 1 year of trying and there has been no plus sign on the urine hCG stick, it is time to seek a fertility specialist.  Not your personal physician, although they could refer you to a specialist, but a physician whose only field of medicine is Infertility.  A reproductive endocrinologist is someone who only sees patients that are struggling with fertility.

So, if you are looking for answers on the internet, look in the right places.  Fertility clinics that have at least one Reproductive Endocrinologist on staff.  Search for organizations that specialize in Fertility such as American Society of Reproductive Medicine.  Or Fertility organizations like RESOLVE.  These facilities can give you the correct answers to your questions, point you in the right direction and get you properly informed on your particular situation.

Each person is an individual, each gets pregnant, carries the pregnancy and delivers the child in their own individual ways, so why would you listen to just one story or the expeience of one individual?  Go to a place that has years of experience in getting patients pregnant.  They have the answers you seek.

So, stop your random searches for answers to why you are not getting pregnant…. Go online and search for Fertility Clinics or IVF Clinics in your area, fertility support groups, or respected Fertility organizations to get the right answers to your questions.