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Welcome to Bellingham IVF & Fertility Care !

Bellingham IVF offers a unique experience compared to what you could find at most infertility clinics. We have a long history of state of the ART fertility care delivered with a personal touch. Our pregnancy rates for all of our procedures from the most advanced IVF procedures to inseminations and ovulation inductions, have been among the very best of any clinic since 1995. From the beginning of your relationship with us, you will receive personalized and customized workup and treatment plans to help you achieve your goal of a pregnancy in the quickest and most efficient manner. Each and every patient is treated as a unique couple with individual problems and needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best chance that you have as a couple to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery. All of our efforts are directed to accomplishing this goal.

         NOW OFFERING !

The Most Cost Effective IVF Available


We understand that medical costs have skyrocketed and being able to afford IVF is difficult and the individual cost of each step along the way can add up $20,000 or more at some clinics.  So it is very important to us that our patients not get surprised by hidden fees or confused about costs for additional services not explained.  We want our patients to feel comfortable when they come to us so we are now offering  ALL INCLUSIVE IVF PACKAGES. These new packages are available after July 20th, 2014.  If you are already an established patient planning IVF please ask about our discounts.



Included in Package




Standard IVF
IVF with Donor Egg
IVF with Donor Egg ICSI





$8000 Standard IVF
$4000 Donor Screening
$*** Donor Compensation
$9000 IVF with ICSI
$4000 Donor Screening
$ *** Donor Compensation
Initial Consult
Blood Testing
Basic Semen analysis
Follicular Monitoring               
Egg Recovery
Sperm processing
Embryo Culture
Fresh Embryo Transfer
Cryopreservation of Embryos
Standard IVF package
ICSI (sperm injection)*
Standard IVF Package
Donor Screening
Genetic Testing
Standard IVF Package
Donor Screening
Genetic Testing
ICSI (sperm injection)*

*Max 20 eggs injected

Unfortunately these prices are ones that we have no control, costs such as medicines, donor sperm or donor eggs are determined by where they are purchased, i.e., sperm bank, pharmacy etc.. Also, if you need donor egg, the cost is determined by the donor selected or the donor egg agency.  So which ever package you choose, you will need to consider the additional costs for these services as well. 
Additional costs we cannot control: 
   * medications which patients purchase from an outside pharmacy
   ** donor compensation and/or donor agency costs

Total cost of package selected is due at the time you schedule a date for the egg recovery. $200 discount if paid by check or cash

* If patient cancels cycle for any reason,  all but $1000 of the package price will be refunded.  Insurance not accepted. No discount for services not performed (i.e., cryopreservation, fresh transfer, etc.)

We are a small clinic that provides personalized care, so your journey is our journey.  We look forward to meeting you!

E-Mail us to make an appointment or to ask any questions you might have.

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