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Welcome to! Bellingham IVF & Fertility Care

Bellingham IVF offers a unique experience compared to what you could find at most infertility clinics. We have a long history of state of the ART fertility care delivered with a personal touch. Our pregnancy rates for all of our procedures from the most advanced IVFmother & child procedures to inseminations and ovulation inductions, have been among the very best of any clinic since 1995. From the beginning of your relationship with us, you will receive personalized and customized workup and treatment plans to help you achieve your goal of a pregnancy in the quickest and most efficient manner. Each and every patient is treated as a unique couple with individual problems and needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best chance that you have as a couple to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery. All of our efforts are directed to accomplishing this goal.


We are offering to couples, who have been recommended to have IVF, donor oocytes or donor insemination at another clinic, the opportunity of a free one hour consult with the doctor to discuss our patient centered fertility treatments. 
This approach gives patients a central position that considers all of the treatment dimensions that may be important to them, including effectiveness, safety and costs. This is your chance for a second opinion at no cost.  So, why not give us a call to take a look at this novel approach on your fertility journey.
We are a small clinic that provides personalized care, so your journey is our journey.  We look forward to meeting you!

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